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How We Work

Career seeking can feel like running through a maze. You never know if what you’re doing is really working, and it’s easy to get lost. What you need is someone who’s been through it all before, someone who knows the terrain, maybe clue you in on a shortcut or two. That’s where your Accounting AdvantageHiring Advisor comes in.


We don't just connect you with an employer. We give you a selection of fitting positions among thousands of jobs.


Hiring Made Human™

We know better than anyone how hard it can be to find a job. It’s only made worse when you aren’t getting the communication you deserve. We have tremendous respect for your time, and know that the best way to honour it is by giving you results and feedback directly, and without hassle.


You’re More Than a Resume

A single sheet of paper can’t possibly communicate everything about you. We take the time to find out what really makes you tick, and do everything we can to uncover all the things that make you desirable to an employer.


We Market You

We’ll act as your own personal PR firm, giving you all benefits of a dedicated team to promote you. Our interview and assessments are designed to build as many talking points into your profile as possible, making you all that more attractive to our client companies.


Our Network is Your Network

After you’ve completed your profile and been invited to an interview, you’ll be exposed to thousands of companies from around the country within the Accounting Advantage network. Benefit from the trust and relationships we’ve cultivated from over 50 years of doing business.

3 Ways to Work

No matter where you are on your career path, from industry veterans looking to make a change, to those just entering the workforce, we have a program that can take your career to the next level.

First Steps with Us

Every relationship starts with an introduction. During this first phase of contact, we try to gain as much knowledge about you and your career goals as possible. We’ll assess if you’re a good match for our network, and conduct several assessments to aid in marketing you.

01: Create a Profile

Create a “New Profile” and gain access to our vast network of jobs, hiring opportunities, thousands of companies, and of course, a dedicated team of Hiring Advisors.

02: Hiring Advisor Meeting

Our Hiring Advisors perform an assessment based on the information provided in your Dashboard. If your skills and experience match opportunities in our network, we’ll invite you to meet with one of our Hiring Advisors at an Accounting Advantage Branch.

03: Skill Assessment + Background Checks

Based on your employment background and interests, you might be asked to complete several online skill assessments, allowing our Hiring Advisors to speak more accurately on your behalf.

04: We Market You

Our Hiring Advisors leverage a huge network to market you. We’ll reach out to companies and Hiring Managers who we think would benefit from your unique skillset and experience.


The Direct Hire Program

Our Direct Hire program places qualified talent in full-time positions at competitive companies working in in-demand fields. This program may be right for you if you’re looking for long-term work, and have the experience and skills required for these positions.


01: Direct Hire Position Available

When a Direct Hire position matches your skills and qualifications, we’ll set up an interview with our client company and give you the details of the position.

02: Employer Interviews

When a client company takes interest in what you have to offer, your Hiring Advisor will set up an interview with them. We’ll help you prepare and give you advice for presenting yourself in the best light.

03: Follow-Ups + Feedback

After an interview, your Hiring Advisor will follow up with you and your potential employer to see how things went. Did you feel things went well? Were there specific concerns or terms we should discuss?

04: Salary Negotiation

You may have specific salary requirements that need to be negotiated. If so, your Hiring Advisor will be able to negotiate terms on your behalf if you feel uncomfortable doing so.

05: You’re Hired

If the client company feels you’re a good fit and you’re happy with the match, your Hiring Advisor will make the necessary arrangements and you can consider yourself ‘Hired’!


The Temp-To-Hire Program

The Temp-to-Hire Program allows our client companies and you to assess each other during a trial working period (usually lasting 90 days), which can then lead into a full-time position with an employer.


01: Temp-To-Hire Position Available

When a Temp-to-Hire position matches your skills and qualifications, we’ll set up an interview with our client company and give you the details of the position.

02: Begin Evaluation Period

Your evaluation period begins at our client company, during which time you’re an employee of Accounting Advantage. You’ll gain working knowledge of the workplace, your job duties, and the company culture before you commit to a full-time position.

03: Update Your Availability

Temp-to-Hire Assignments pay out every Friday. You may pick up your cheque at your local Accounting Advantage Branch, or the money will be directly deposited to your checking or savings, if you’ve previously signed up for these services.

04: Conclude Evaluation Period

When your evaluation period has ended and you’ve impressed them with your hard work, and positive attitude, the client company decides whether to bring you into their company as their employee or not. Your Hiring Advisor will be in close contact with you during this step.

05: You’re Hired!

It’s been a successful evaluation period and our client company hires you. You’ll move onto their payroll and undergo any orientation steps necessary to make it official.


The Temporary Program

Companies often have need for staff on a temporary basis to fill gaps in their labour pool, or to ramp up for an increase in demand. If you need a flexible schedule or need to get to work quickly, our Temporary program may be right for you.


01: Temporary Position Available

Temporary Assignments vary in length, from one day up to several months. Your Hiring Advisor will contact you to see if you’re available and interested. If so, they’ll send you further details about the position, where to go, and assignment duration.

02: Accept Position + Start Work

You’ll show up to work in accordance to the information provided by your Hiring Advisor. Temporary positions can sometimes turn into full-time job offers, so it pays to make a good impression.

03: Update Your Availability

Remember to update your availability so that your Hiring Advisor can continue to market you for other opportunities. We know everyone has different schedules and obligations, so let us know what works for you.

04: Oh Sweet, it’s Pay Day!

Temporary Assignments pay out every Friday. You may pick up your cheque at your local Accounting Advantage Branch, or the money will be directly deposited to your checking or savings if you have previously signed up for these services.

We’re sure you have questions, and this is where we start answering some of them for you. We’ve outlined the most common questions below. Do you have a question not listed below? A Hiring Advisor will be happy to answer any question you might have. Just find your closest location and ring them up.

Getting Started with Accounting Advantage
How do I get started?

To be considered for thousands of unadvertised positions each week simply upload a resume. Once you’ve done that, you will be taken to your dashboard where you can fine-tune the positions we may be able to call you for by completing your Profile and Priorities. It’s a short process that will help us understand how we might best be able to help you.

Where can I get career tips and advice?

Our Navigating the Hiring Process workbook includes insider expertise and tools that have been used by thousands of career seekers to get more interviews and job offers. If you start a profile your hiring advisor may have additional tips specific to your goals and situation.

How do I contact an Accounting Advantage Career Center or Hiring Advisor?

You can find directions and contact information for your local Career Center here.

Interviews and Status Updates
How do I reschedule or cancel an interview appointment?

Call your local Career Center to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Please be courteous and allow 24 hours for any cancellation or re-scheduling.

How can I get a status update on my application?

To check on the status of your application, you need to contact the recruiter who posted the ad to which you were responding or the local Career Center you selected as your primary within our profile.

Recruiter information can typically be found at the bottom of the ad you applied to, and you can find contact information for your local Career Center here.

Staying in Touch/Updating Information
How do I report my availability?

To update your availability, please update your information on the My Priorities page. In order for us to serve you best, it is important to keep this page up-to-date at all times.

How do I update my resume or other information?

Go to the My Profile section of your dashboard.

I need help with logging into my account.

You can reset your password here